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Local 97-106 provides a number of beneifts and programs for its members including job referrals, contract assistance and advice.

Membership Benefits

As a member of the Greater Niagara Musicians Association (Local 97-106) AFM, you will have access to many benefits and services that support your success as a performer and music business professional.

Contract Protection - A signed, filed AFM contract will open doors to both AFM and Local 97-106 benefits. AFM contracts are easy to complete and most purchasers will sign them if asked.

Legal Services – Local 97-106 can provide collection and dispute resolution services including local officers, staff and appropriate legal experts.

1-800-Roadgig – When you're on the road away from home and your gig gets cancelled, you get fired or ripped off, the AFM's Emergency Traveling Assistance Program can help you out.

EMP-AFM visa Assistance – The AFM can act as your sponsor to get a work permit to perform in Canada, without the usual visa/work permit hassies if you apply on your own.

Email Referral Service – Local 97-106 members may receive many job leads each month via email.

Scale of minimum fees – The concept of scale allows us to work cooperatively without undercutting each other, exploiting other musicians, or accepting sub-standard work conditions for ourselves.

Industry periodicals- The local puts out the newsletter Quarternotes, and the AFM sends out the International Musician, keeping members informed about working musicians' issues

The Greater Niagara Musicians, Local 97-106 administers the Music Performance Fund(MPF) – unique special funds negotiated by the AFM and supported by contributions from recording companies. These funds enable bands to solicit schools and municipalities for live concerts at reduced rates to the purchasers. MPF means extra gigs for working union bands. MPF administers scholarships for students planning on attending music schools.

If you become disabled, you are eligible for financial help from the Lester Petrillo Fund


Membership Fees

The work of the AFM is supported through membership and work dues.dues.

Initiation Fees – Federation Fee is $65.00 and the Local Fee is $75.00, and is paid only once in Local 97-106.

Membership Dues – is determined by a vote of the membership. A portion of these fees (called per capita dues) is sent by the local (quarterly) to the international office to support their activities. Local 106-209 fees are $110.00 annually and $27.50 quarterly. Dues are $100.00 annually if paid by January 31, 2009 .Members who have not paid three months after the expiration date are suspended. Members who have not paid six months after the expiration date are expelled.

Work Dues – Many Federation locals collect a small percentage of the basic wage scale of money paid to the members for engagements they play. Since the more you work,the more you are likely to need AFM services, this is the fairest system for funding both the Federation and locals.




Contact the Local 97-106 office for any questions that you may have.

Office Location: Office Hours:
381 Belmont Ct. East., No. Tonawanda, NY, 14120
Phone: (716) 694-7805
Fax: (716) 694-7805
Cell Phone: (716) 983-3706
Monday thru Friday 11:00 - 4:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Closed Sundays and Holidays
Answering machine and fax machine are always on.


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